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Dues Policies

Dues for Pack 377 are based on an academic year calendar, starting in August.  Annual dues for Pack 377 are $55 for Lion Scouts and $110 for all other scouts.  These dues cover all materials for the scout with the exception of his Cub Scout Button-up shirt and hat/belt.  The hat is not required and the belt is technically not, but useful for awards. Pack dues will cover the scout’s dues to the council, subscription to Boy’s Life magazine, Neckerchief and slide, all pack awards, a pack t-shirt, and all pack activities.

Transfer scouts and scouts starting late in the year may receive alternate payment plans and schedules.  Those will be discussed by pack leadership and a mutually agreeable solution will be sought.

Pack dues must be paid in full or a deposit of 50% no later than August 30th.  If a 50% deposit is provided, then payment must be made in full by December 31st. This will allow scouting families the opportunity to participate in popcorn sales to assist with those balances. Dues not in good standing will lead to the scout being unable to participate in any activities which have an associated cost and suspension of awards until that scout account is brought into good standing.

Popcorn sales occur in the fall and your scout has the opportunity to generate credit for their pack account.  Typically popcorn sales generate approximately a 25% return to the scout and also provides rewards directly to the scout, examples include; gift certificates to scout store, pocket knives, bb-guns.  Typically the credit back to the scout’s pack account is used for camp, which costs between $140 and $185 depending on the camp they participate in and the dates of the visit. This credit can be used to pay dues or any other pack expenses that are settled to your scout account; extra t-shirts, blue and gold dinner tickets, cake auction, etc.

If your scout graduates with his Arrow of Light from Pack 377 and moves to a local fully accredited Boy Scout Troop, we will work with their new troop to transfer existing credit balances on scout accounts to them to assist with similar expenses as a Boy Scout. Outstanding balances with Pack 377 must be settled up by graduation.  Balances which result in a transfer amount above $200 will be paid at the greater of $200 or 50% of the scout’s balance up to $400. Balances are not transferrable to other scouts, but can be used on siblings. Balances hold no cash value outside of Pack 377 Scouting Activities. If your scout drops out of cub-scouts and does not immediately transfer into a local Boy Scout troop, this balance has no cash value and cannot be recovered.

The Pack 377 Treasurer will attempt to collect on all past-due accounts via any reasonable means available.  This includes but is not limited to direct mail, e-mail, phone, personal visit, and 3rd party collection agency. Please be completely assured that it is not the goal or intent to turn accounts over to collection agencies, but we will not hesitate when amiable attempts at collection are completely ignored.

Questions are welcome and can be addressed directly to the

Treasurer at




Pack Dues are $110/year


Cub Scout Pack 377 Budget 18-19

Revenue Adults Scouts Amount per
Cake Auction 300
Dues – Lions 3 55 165
Dues 50 110 5500
Camp 20 175 3500
Popcorn 1640
Blue and Gold 1000
Total 12105
Expenses Adults Scouts Amount
Crossroads 12 50 33 2046
Charter Fee 40
Boys Life 50 12 600
Insurance 50 1 50
Patches/Awards/books/neckerchiefs/slides 2500
Camp 4 20 175/sc 100/adult 3900
T-Shirts 750
Cookouts 300
Blue & Gold 1000
Space Rental 300
Pack Activities 500
Total 11986
Net 119

Dues cover almost EVERYTHING!

Pack Outings, Pack T-shirt, Pack Cookouts, ALL Pack awards, Boys Life Magazine subscription, Dues to Crossroads (Chartering Organization), Pinewood Derby, and Rain Gutter Regatta

But not quite everything – expenses you can expect to incur include optional (awesome) summer camps, button-up scout shirt, optional hat and belt, and dinner tickets for the annual Blue and Gold Banquet.  

Pay in Full or make a $50 minimum payment to get started and pay the balance by 12/31. Sell enough popcorn and your scout can fund their entire scouting experience.

Prefer a downloadable/printable version? PDF version here

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