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What is the time commitment? How often do you meet?

In a typical month, your Cub Scout will have 2 meetings per month: 1 Den Meeting and 1 Pack Meeting.

Den Meeting: Den meetings take place on the 1st Thursday of each month (except when moved by Den Leader for special meeting activity or major Holiday/School event conflict). They are typically held at Messiah Lutheran Church on Green Street. Dens are the grade-specific small groups within the Pack. At each Den Meeting, your scout will work on the Rank Achievements planned by the Den Leader. Occasionally, Den Leaders may plan a 2nd Den Meeting in a month for special activity or to help catch up on Rank Achievements.

Pack Meeting: Pack Meetings occur once a month on the 3rd Thursday (except when moved for a special Pack Meeting activity like Pinewood Derby or major Holiday/School event conflict). Pack Meetings are where all the Dens meet as a unit to celebrate Achievements and Awards followed by a special activity. The locations of the Pack Meeting vary between Messiah Lutheran Church on Green Street, Cardinal Elementary, and other sites for special events like Fall Kick-off, Pinewood Derby, and Graduation.

What if I can’t make all the Den Meetings?

If you can’t make it to a Den meeting you are free to work on the skills/achievements the Den did on your own.  A Scout only needs an Akela to complete requirements.  In Cub Scouts, Akela is anyone who acts as a leader to a Scout.. Cubmaster, Den Leader, parent, teacher, coach, etc.

What is your year cycle? What calendar do you follow?

We follow the School Year.  We tend to start up our program in September and we graduate our Cub Scouts to the next rank in May.  June, July, and August we have two Pack meetings and our Summer Camp.  Keeping it to one Pack activity a month.

Do you require Popcorn Sales/Fundraising?  Do you have a Popcorn quota?

We don’t require fundraising.  We believe that our dues ($110) cover everything that is required within our Scouting year and that families shouldn’t be forced into fundraising.  However! Fundraising is a great way to not only cover any optional costs (summer camp, extra uniform pieces, etc), it can also be used to pay on your dues.

Speaking of dues, where does the money go?  Do you have any financial polices I should be aware of?

We have a Dues Policy and Budget Page that should cover everything in this topic.  <Click Here>

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